A seamless process, every time

Helping patients access and adhere to complex drug therapies

We connect with patients right away when their prescribers enroll them in our patient support program. We know it’s a stressful time for them, so we take the time to answer their questions about when, where and how they’ll receive their medication and start working immediately to make sure every avenue of coverage is explored.

Throughout each patient’s journey, we’re regularly in touch to help them navigate the system and monitor their health. We work with their pharmacy and clinic to ensure they receive their medications seamlessly, schedule their appointments and arrange reimbursement. If patients need training in how to self-administer, we see that they get it.

Prepared and proactive

Our dedicated program managers, reimbursement specialists and nurse/field coordinators have in-depth understanding of the conditions, risks and side effects involved with patients’ medications. This lets us provide additional support at critical points during treatment, such as periods when side effects are known to frequently take place. This tailored approach can make a real difference to medication adherence and, in turn, to a patient’s quality of life.

Committed to quality

Our entire team is dedicated to the highest standards of continuous quality and compliance improvement. We have standard operating procedures and extensive training to ensure a consistent experience for every patient, and we update our training regularly as standards and compliance requirements evolve. All our programs are subject to compliance measures, deviation and corrective action reviews, cause and effect trend analysis, feedback monitoring, and strict patient privacy regulations.

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A full-service offering

Through our patient support programs, we provide end-to end management of:


We stay in active contact with patients throughout their treatments to track their progress and solve any problems that may arise. We’re always available with patient education, information and guidance.


We provide easy scheduling support for our clinics and nursing services to make receiving infusions and injections as simple as possible.


Through our rapid, diligent reimbursement investigations, we determine the best way for patients to cover the costs of specialty and biologic drugs so they can have peace of mind and concentrate on their treatment.


Our program managers, nurses and pharmacists work together to create customized medication adherence plans for each patient, including appointment scheduling and refill reminders.


We make sure patients know where, when and how to access treatment, coordinating with clinics, pharmacies and other health care professionals to ensure we — and they — have a holistic view of their treatment plans.


With appropriate patient consent, we can collect aggregated real-world data and evidence that payors, pharmaceutical manufacturers and health care providers can use to enhance programs, services and therapies. 


Our pharmacovigilance team is highly trained in adverse event monitoring and reporting, ensuring high quality, timely and audit-ready reporting.


We work with pharmaceutical manufacturers to develop support programs for new drugs and expand existing programs.